The Antigonish Highland Society

Welcome to the home page of the Antigonish Highland Society. Founded in 1861 by a group of our Scottish forefathers to aid the poor and needy, to promote the improvement and general welfare of our native county and to preserve the national spirits, dress, music, customs and traditions of the Caledonians; to perpetuate the language, literature and athletics of Scotland; to promote the honour, integrity and patriotism of its members, and maintain a national and social bond among them.

Over the past many years the challenges have been many yet the descendents of the first Caledonians have survived and prospered. Today, their descendents can be found throughout Antigonish County and beyond.

The Antigonish Highland Society continues to promote and preserve the dress, music, customs, traditions, language, literature and athletics of the Caledonians and Scotland.

Our Mission Statement

To be a community organization that serves past, present and future generations of Gaels. We are providers of and advocates for authentic living expressions of Highland Scottish heritage.

Our Vision

To create a living and vibrant Scottish culture in Antigonish and be the conduit for the North American Gael to their heritage.